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Valentine's Collection

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Create With Us

  • Book us for a mobile candle bar experience where we come to you!

    1 hr

    50 US dollars

The Candle Making Experience

Pick your vessel from our vessel collection. Then join us at the bar to mix your own custom scent. You may choose up to 3 different scents to mix, helped picked by our expert scent note analysts. Afterwards, join us for a candle making session. Each session lasts about an hour and a session is held every hour and a half. 

This is a safe space where everyone is welcomed! Relax with us at the candle bar, have fun with friends and make new ones. Bring a party or just yourself to make memories and take home a handmade souvenir. Reserve your date night, family night, group party, sorority outing, etc. Come in and have a great time with us!

Every experience is different, and price is finalized after vessel customization in store. Every label is customized with your unique candle name of your choosing. Your soy wax candle has to solidify for three hours after creation before it can be transported home. You can choose to pick your creation up, or have it shipped to you directly for an $8 shipping charge.

We look forward to creating with you!


Place a Custom Order

After creation, our soy wax products have to cure for two weeks to allow the fragrance oil to bind with the natural wax.

Soy Wax FAQs

Blessed Wiccs was initially founded and established in 2020 during the pandemic outbreak. I had learned about the unknown dangers of mass manufactured candles, even name brand, and I began creating my own candles that were safer. Everyone deserves a safe burning, good smelling candle. 


I began in my small 2 bedroom apartment. I quickly found a love for candle making and wanted to share my craft with others. After about 6 months of a successful beginning, Blessed Wiccs was put on hold for a year and a half. When I relaunched in October of 2022, I was working out of my garage and pregnant with my 3rd child. I never expected the support and growth that I have experienced in such a short time.

We have always offered custom scents. Scent customization allows you to unlock scent memories from childhood or create new scent memories. The nose is a powerful tool, and a good/bad scent can make/break our day. 


We give great attention to detail to provide the best candles possible for our customers! Our two main concerns continue to be and have always been quality & safety. 

Candle customization is our speaciality! What better way to customize a candle than by making it yourself. Reserve one of our Candle Creation Sessions to mix your own fragrance and attend a guided step-by-step demonstration to making your own candle. Perfect for date night, sorority night, or small group parties. Full groups receive 10% off their booking.


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